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News Report

TVCFL Code of Conduct

21/09/20 | John Ellaby

Code of conduct for players

To help match days to be as enjoyable as possible for everyone we have set out the standard of behaviour we expect from all players below.

1.Respect the referee

    1. Follow his instruction.
    2. Ask politely for a clarification/explanation of a decision if required.
    3. Be honest if the referee’s decision goes your way but you know the decision was incorrect – e.g. a thrown in, corners. Remember referee’s decision is final.
    4. Do not offer your ‘advice’ on decisions or appeal for decisions you know are not yours e.g. calling for a throw in or a corner when you know it isn’t yours.

2.Respect your opponents

    1. Give the ball back helpfully e.g. When you are nearest to the ball and it is their free kick, throw, etc.
    2. If your opponent gets the ball for you wait until they are back into position before continuing play.
    3. When tackling go for the ball, not the player. Keep it clean.
    4. Check they are ok if you have collided. Help them up.
    5. Shake hands at the end of a game.*
    6. Do not be facetious or antagonistic.
    7. Do not engage in bullying, intimidation or harassment.
    8. Do not engage in any form of physical violence whatsoever!

3.Respect your manager & team mates

    1. Arrive on time.
    2. Pay match fees and fines on time.
    3. Support each other with encouragement and constructive criticism.
    4. Share equipment/refreshments.*
    5. Help with nets and corner flags before and after the game.
    6. Do not engage in bullying, intimidation or harassment.

4.Respect supporters & members of the public

    1. Thank your supporters for coming to watch.
    2. Be polite to members of the public and apologise if we inconvenience them in any way e.g. a ball goes in their garden.
    3. Ensure you leave the grounds and changing rooms clean and tidy for other users.


    1. Do not direct insulting, offensive or foul language at anyone.
    2. Remember you represent your team and the TVCFL to the wider community. Be aware your behaviour will be seen by others e.g. junior matches being played at the same venue.

*Take precautions to avoid spreading COVID-19

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